Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Optimise your telecom assets and save up to 15% on your management costs


Employees that are increasingly multi-equipped with personal and professional mobile terminals, organisations that are becoming increasingly international, deployment of the Internet of Things, etc. Telecom Expense Management is gradually becoming a key and strategic issue for FAD IS Divisions and General Service Divisions.


Within this new framework and a continuously evolving environment, how can the multitude and complexity of telecoms be managed? How can they be controlled and made secure? How can management costs be optimised?



DOCAPOST's TEM offer is easy to implement and meets these new challenges by ensuring:

  • Secure personal and professional data;
  • The centralised management of a varied and complex environment; Terminals/Applications/Operators/Uses/Organisation;
  • Data and information usage in real time;
  • Service continuity;
  • Visibility, control and transparency.


The advantages to DOCAPOST's TEM offer:

  • Our professional experts are there to help you through the product's life cycle: roll-out, running and support, training and consultancy;
  • International solution already deployed in 5 European countries and currently being deployed in 5 others;
  • Secure data hosting in France by the Group La Poste;
  • High-volume processing capacity;
  • Operator contract management;
  • Solution suitable for managing the Internet of Things and associated services.



  • Overall decrease of 7 to 15% for all your invoices;
  • Savings on Voice and Data roaming;
  • Reinforced security for your Telecom assets and connected objects;
  • Your employees have improved knowledge of security and financial challenges.