With 30 years experience in document management and the delegated management of activity processes, DOCAPOST, subsidiary of the La Poste group, proposes the most comprehensive offer for managing the professional exchanges of companies and institutions with their specific public (customers, suppliers, administrations, citizens, internal public, etc.).

Ministère du Travail



Olivier Petit, Manager of the MARS section (system for measuring Audience and Union Representativeness) of the collective labour relations office at the French Ministry of Labour

« [To conduct the elections of union representatives of VSEs] It was first necessary to collect and make reliable the electoral roll of 4.6 million voters. Then manage the appeals filed by voters on the electoral lists and the applications of union organisations. And, finally set up the voting phase with vote by post or by electronic means over the internet. (…) DOCAPOST was deemed to be best able to meet the expectations of the ministry in terms of protection of the electoral rolls, data confidentiality and reliability of voting solutions. (…) The participation threshold of 10% that we set ourselves was exceeded. »

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